The Reunion Date - The Best Way To Meet Your Ex Again

When you do finally meet up with your ex for the first time? Keep things extremely light, and set a playful mood. Don't be overly flirtatious, but look for signs from him that he might be ready to reconcile.

Reunion Date

You don't want to talk about anything serious on your reunion date. This means no talking about your break up or your past relationship. Ask him about innocent things like work, school, and home. If you've both been broken up for a while, one or more of you may be seeing someone else. If this is the case, no big deal. There are lots of ways to win back your ex-boyfriend when he's seeing another girl. The good news is that if he's having lunch with you again, he's at least partially interested.

Keep your first meeting short and easy. Leaving him wanting more is a good thing to keep in mind, as it will lead to another 'date'. By not talking about anything serious and by not bringing up the subject of your break up, you've made your ex feel comfortable around you. This will stick out in his mind even after you both go your separate ways, and he'll be reminded of how good it was to see you after all this time. This is exactly what you want. You're making your ex want you again, and there are several effective ways to do this.

Making Your Ex Want You Again - Moving Past Friendship

By now you've re-established communication with your ex boyfriend (or girlfriend), and you've successfully met up with them. Getting friendly with him again is good, but you really don't want to be friends with your ex.

Make Ex Want You

Some women are so excited about getting to see an ex-boyfriend again that they fail to recognize the signs that he only sees them in a friendship type role. This is not what you want.

Therefore, you need to let your ex know you're looking to get back together again. Your goal is to establish a long-term relationship with him, not become a sounding board for his ideas or decisions, or even worse, a shoulder to cry on whenever he needs it. Stay friends for too long, and can easily become nothing more than a platonic relationship to him. Getting romantic with your ex becomes harder and harder the longer you extend this type of arrangement.

By the third reunion date with your ex, you should have a pretty good idea of where you stand. Search his body language for clues as to how he feels about you. Does he lean in to talk to you? Do you find him casually touching your arm or hand on a pretty frequent basis whenever you're locked in conversation? These could be big clues that your ex wants you back. You'll need to reciprocate any type of physical contact with some cues of your own. If he flirts, flirt back. If your boyfriend was the one who ended things, he may be cautious about your own feelings on getting back together. If he's looking for a green light to continue, you need to give it to him.

Sleeping With Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Of course, your boyfriend or girlfriend could also be missing you on more physical levels. Yes, it's entirely possible your exboyfriend just wants to hook up with you. It happens. He's a guy, he's been with you before, and the intimate connection between you is already comfortable. He's probably missing you physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

Sex With Ex

It's entirely up to you whether you'd like to explore this option, but keep in mind that sleeping with your ex can get a little sticky. While it can be one of the final steps in getting back your boyfriend, if he's only looking for a casual one-night hookup you might end up getting very hurt.

Don't be mislead here, and try to see things for what they are - not what you hope they might turn out to be. If you go into a sexual encounter hoping it will somehow help you get back together, you could be sorely disappointed when that doesn't happen. Never expect that, and never use sex as a tool for getting someone back.

In the case that your ex is already seeing someone else, falling into bed with your exboyfriend can be even trickier. If it's something you're comfortable with, it might make your ex realize how much he misses that physical connection - and the emotional connections that invariably come with it. It may lead to a situation where you ex dumps the other girl and wants you back. However, it may also be nothing more than him trying to have his cake and eat it too. Either way, be adult about it. Don't be that jealous ex-girlfriend who's doing this purely out of spite or vengeance. Whether or not his new girlfriend did anything to you, your goal isn't to get back at her... it's to get your ex boyfriend back. If this is what you're trying to accomplish, keep it in mind.

What If Your Ex Isn't Showing These Signs?

If you've been seeing or talking to an exboyfriend or girlfriend, and they're not showing any outward signs of affection or emotion toward you, it's time to ramp it up a notch. You need to make them realize you're after them as a potential mate, and not just as a friend. The next time you meet up, flat out tell them. It's time to lay all your cards on the table. Let them know why you want them back, but more importantly let them know why things will be different this time. Don't apologize for what happened, and don't place all the blame on your own shoulders either... if your relationship ended it was probably due to neglect by both you and your ex. Whatever things were broken? Identify them and offer to do your part to fix them.

Don't continue seeing your ex after that, unless it's in a romantic way. If you do, you're forever going to be marked as "just a friend". Falling into the dreaded Friend Zone is the surest way to lose your exboyfriend or girlfriend for good. If your ex values seeing, hearing, or talking to you, they'll need to decide whether or not it's worth a relationship with you. If there's still love in their heart for you, it will always lead you back together. And if not? At least you'll know you did everything in your power to give your relationship a second chance.

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